Prof. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve Discusses Indeed’s Work Happiness Score on BBC World

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BBC World

Job site Indeed’s Work Happiness Score has launched in the UK. Developed with guidance by Prof. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve (Director, Wellbeing Research Centre), the score measures how people feel at work—and why. With nearly 6 million surveys, this study is the largest study of work happiness ever undertaken.

Unfortunately, the research shows that more than a third (36%) of UK workers are unhappy in their job. Meanwhile, just over a quarter (27%) of respondents report they feel happy at work most of the time.

Feeling energised, a sense of belonging, and purpose are bigger drivers of happiness than fair pay and flexibility.

Education was found to be the happiest sector, while real estate, management, consulting, and automotive are the least happy sectors.

These data also give us more information about the so-called ‘Great Realisation’: half of all workers now feel more motivated to make changes in their career and find more happiness at work.

And since we know happiness at work can lead to a myriad of benefits, including improved mental and physical health, and higher productivity at work, we’re excited to see how these survey results will change how people choose jobs, and how employers build workplace cultures.

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