How to Build Back Happier in the Post COVID-19 Era

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Psychology Today

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on employment and –  for those lucky enough to have kept their jobs – on changes in the workplace, have led to a subsequent impact on wellbeing. An analysis of these channels through the lens of wellbeing science offers an insight into how we can shape policies to build back better. 

In terms of employment, it is significant to note just how important work is for wellbeing. Generally, we have found that there is a difference of about 20% in self-reported wellbeing between those in work versus those without work, and that unemployment leaves wellbeing scars for a very long time. In fact, few aspects of life, if any, have as much of an impact on wellbeing as being made redundant. Given the number of job losses as a result of the pandemic then, a large portion of the wellbeing impact of COVID-19 can clearly be attributed to changes in employment.  

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