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Research Fellow

Dr. Wanying Zhou

Wanying Zhou completed her PhD in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge and holds an MSc in Counseling and Mental Health Services from the University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in better understanding and improving wellbeing. Her PhD thesis focuses on adolescent mental health and wellbeing. It uses theoretical modelling to examine the relationship between wellbeing, academic achievement, and social emotional skills and further evaluates mindfulness-based interventions in improving these factors. In addition to this, she studies the conceptualisation of wellbeing and how this concept is understood cross-culturally given the globalised complexities of the 21st Century.

Her approach to research has a strong interdisciplinary nature and embraces both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods. She also serves as a coordinator for the Cambridge Wellbeing and Inclusive Group and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Youth and Adolescents.