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Barnes Research Fellow

Dr. Laura Giurge

Dr. Laura M. Giurge is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at London Business School and a rising scholar in the field of time, happiness, and the future of work. Laura is also a Research Fellow at the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford where she studies how alternative ways of working impact our well-being and productivity. Laura earned her PhD in Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam and two cum laude Master Degrees in Economics and Business and in Human Resources Management from the University of Groningen. Prior to joining LBS, Laura was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Cornell University.

Broadly, her research focuses on understanding how the decisions people make regarding how to spend their time at work – and in their personal life – affect well-being and productivity, in order to learn how we can thrive and live a happier life. Laura is passionate about conducting experimental and behavioural field studies with non-profit and company collaborators around the world. Currently, she is working on a diverse set of projects that examine the psychology behind how employees and organizations set, push, and maintain work and home boundaries. Her most recent work has been published in Harvard Business Review and Nature Human Behaviour.

The Barnes Research Fellowship is supported by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart.