Could Spain’s Four-Day Working Week Save The Planet?

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With Spain poised to become one of the first countries in the world to trial a four-day working week, what impact could this have on the environment?

The plan will allow workers to spend fewer hours in the office, but with no reduction in pay. It’s been put forward by left-wing party Más País which argues that longer hours don’t necessarily mean higher productivity.

The proposal is for a three-year, €50m project that would allow interested companies to join the trial with minimal risk.

“With the 4-day work week (32 hours) we are opening up the real debate of our time. That always arouses controversy, because it opens a gap,” said Spanish political scientist and politician, Iñigo Errejón of Más País, on Twitter.

What other issue is more important to occupy politics than the time in our life, he added…

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