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Dr. William Fleming

William Fleming is a Research Fellow at the Wellbeing Research Centre at University of Oxford. His research focuses on workplace wellbeing. Primarily this concerns how work is better or worse for your wellbeing and how it might be improved. Alongside his role at the Centre, William is a Research Associate for the NIHR ARC East of England (Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge). His methodological training is in quantitative and computational approaches but he is interested in qualitative work too. He maintains a commitment to evidence and positivist research but looks for insights from sociology’s traditionally critical perspective.

William completed his PhD in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge, conducting a sociological evaluation of workplace health and wellbeing interventions in British workplaces. His research questions focussed on what types of interventions there are, what is recommended to employers, why workplace wellbeing has grown in popularity, who interventions are for, and what effect they have on employee wellbeing. This PhD was supported by the ESRC and RAND Europe and primarily included analysis of the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey.

An evaluation of individual-level mental health interventions in British workplaces

Evaluation of individual-level mental health interventions in British workplaces